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Shikakai Kesh Ratna 500ml

Shikakai Kesh Ratna 500ml

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Shikakai-has been traditionally used for removing the lice, softening & detangles the hair, have been combined to give your hair a lustrous, healthy and impressive look. It promotes hair growth; prevent Dandruff & Strengthens hair roots. Keteri Bhringraj Methi Aloevera Kapoor, Suhaga and Swarjikeshar- (Ayurvedic alkaline preparation): gives a cooling effect, shrinks the pores hence they aid to arrest the hair fall. Rose water-coconut oil: are used as softeners. Usage: This hair cleanser gently take care of dandruff and its pro-longed use controls hair fall For better results apply Devicas Bhringraj Kesh tail at night & wash with Shikakai Kesh Ratna in the morning. Massage gently for 1-2 Minutes, Rinse with fresh water.

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